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  • And so the Lord God sent a deep sleep upon Adam. And when he was fast asleep, he took one of his ribs, and he completed it with flesh for it. (Genesis 2, 21)

  • And so, the sons of Rimmon the Beerothite, Rechab and Baanah, arrived and entered the house of Ishbosheth, in the heat of the day. And he was sleeping on his bed at midday. And the doorkeeper of the house, who was cleaning the wheat, fell fast asleep. (2 Samuel 4, 5)

  • But now that he is dead, why should I fast? Would I be able to bring him back anymore? Instead, I will go to him. Yet truly, he will not return to me.” (2 Samuel 12, 23)

  • And when the men of Israel had gone up, he himself stood fast and struck down the Philistines, until his hand grew weak and stiff with the sword. And the Lord wrought a great salvation on that day. And the people who had fled returned to take up the spoils of the slain. (2 Samuel 23, 10)

  • he stood fast in the middle of the field, and it was protected by him. And he struck down the Philistines. And the Lord wrought a great salvation. (2 Samuel 23, 12)

  • And this was the judgment of the letters: “Proclaim a fast, and cause Naboth to sit among the first rulers of the people. (1 Kings 21, 9)

  • They proclaimed a fast, and they caused Naboth to sit among the first rulers of the people. (1 Kings 21, 12)

  • Then Jehoshaphat, being terrified with fear, gave himself entirely to petitioning the Lord, and he proclaimed a fast for all of Judah. (2 Chronicles 20, 3)

  • And I proclaimed a fast in that place, beside the river Ahava, so that we might afflict ourselves in the sight of the Lord our God, and so that we might request of him the right way for us, and for our sons, and for all our substance. (Ezra 8, 21)

  • And all the elders were invited; together they refreshed themselves at the completion of their fast. (Judith 6, 20)

  • Moreover, Holofernes, being very inebriated, was fast asleep, reclining on his bed. (Judith 13, 4)

  • “Go and gather together all the Jews whom you will find in Susa, and pray for me. Neither eat nor drink for three days and three nights, and I will fast with my handmaids similarly, and then I will go in to the king, doing what is against the law, not having been called, and so expose myself to mortal danger.” (Esther 7, 18)

“Não queremos aceitar o fato de que o sofrimento é necessário para nossa alma e de que a cruz deve ser o nosso pão cotidiano. Assim como o corpo precisa ser nutrido, também a alma precisa da cruz, dia a dia, para purificá-la e desapegá-la das coisas terrenas. Não queremos entender que Deus não quer e não pode salvar-nos nem santificar-nos sem a cruz. Quanto mais Ele chama uma alma a Si, mais a santifica por meio da cruz.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina