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  • But the Spirit of the Lord withdrew from Saul, and a wicked spirit from the Lord disturbed him. (1 Samuel 16, 14)

  • And I will appoint a place for my people Israel, and I will plant them, and they shall live there, and they shall no longer be disturbed. Neither shall the sons of iniquity continue to afflict them as before, (2 Samuel 7, 10)

  • And when this had been reported to David, he sent to meet them. And the men were greatly disturbed by shame. And David commanded them, “Remain in Jericho, until your beards grow, and then return.” (2 Samuel 10, 5)

  • And the heart of the king of Syria was disturbed over this matter. And calling together his servants, he said, “Why have you not revealed to me the one who is betraying me to the king of Israel?” (2 Kings 6, 11)

  • And they went away after them, as far as the Jordan. But behold, the entire way was filled with clothing and vessels, which the Syrians had thrown aside when they were disturbed. And the messengers returned and told the king. (2 Kings 7, 15)

  • The sons of Carmi: Achar, who disturbed Israel and sinned by the theft of what was anathema. (1 Chronicles 2, 7)

  • let us speak to the Lord with tears, so that he may act according to his will in his mercy toward us. So then, just as our heart is disturbed by their arrogance, so also may we glory in our humility. (Judith 8, 17)

  • Now when the leaders of the army of the Assyrians had heard this, they all tore their garments, and an intolerable fear and trembling fell over them, and their minds were greatly disturbed. (Judith 14, 17)

  • And, during all the time of her life, there was no one who disturbed Israel, nor for many years after her death. (Judith 16, 30)

  • And the nation of the just was disturbed, fearing their own evils, and was prepared for death. (Esther 1, 8)

  • so that these guilty men, all on one day, may go down to the underworld, restoring to our empire the peace that they had disturbed.” (Esther 6, 7)

  • She answered, “I saw you, my lord, as an angel of God, and my heart was disturbed for fear of your glory. (Esther 9, 13)

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