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  • And they cried out to the Lord God of Israel with one accord, lest their children should be given over as prey, and their wives into distribution, and their cities into extermination, and their holy things into defilement, and so that they might not become the disgrace of the Gentiles. (Judith 4, 10)

  • For it is better that as captives, being alive, we should bless the Lord, than that we should die and become a disgrace to all flesh, after we have seen our wives and our children die before our eyes. (Judith 7, 16)

  • He told himself that he would set fire to my borders, and kill my young men with the sword, to give my children into plunder and my virgins into captivity. (Judith 16, 6)

  • These were sent by the king’s messengers to all the provinces, so as to kill and destroy all the Jews, from children all the way to the elderly, even little children and women, on one day, that is, on the thirteenth of the twelfth month, which is called Adar, and to plunder their goods, even their necessities. (Esther 5, 13)

  • we commanded that whomever Haman, who is chief over all the provinces, and second after the king, and whom we honor in the place of a father, whomever he would point out should be destroyed by their enemies, with their wives and children, and that no one may take pity on them, on the fourteenth day of the twelfth month Adar of this present year, (Esther 6, 6)

  • The king commanded them to bring together the Jews throughout each city, and to instruct them to join together, so as to make a stand for their lives, and to execute and destroy all their enemies, with their wives and children and their entire houses, and to plunder their spoil. (Esther 12, 11)

  • when suddenly a severe wind rushed forth from a region of the desert and shook the four corners of the house, which collapsed and crushed your children, and they are dead; and I alone escaped to tell you.” (Job 1, 19)

  • And if now your children have sinned against him, and he has dismissed them into the power of their iniquity, (Job 8, 4)

  • They see their offspring continue before them: a commotion of close relatives and of children’s children in their sight. (Job 21, 8)

  • Their little ones go out like a flock, and their children jump around playfully. (Job 21, 11)

  • Others, like wild asses in the desert, go forth to their work; by watching for prey, they obtain bread for their children. (Job 24, 5)

  • At that time, the Almighty was with me and my children surrounded me. (Job 29, 5)

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