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  • Then Joshua, hearing the tumult of the people shouting, said to Moses: “The outcry of battle is heard in the camp.” (Exodus 32, 17)

  • But he responded: “It is not the clamor of men being exhorted to battle, nor the shout of men being compelled to flee. But I hear the voice of singing.” (Exodus 32, 18)

  • And immediately Moses said: “Arm the men among you for a battle, so that they may be able to fulfill the retribution of the Lord on the Midianites. (Numbers 31, 3)

  • And they gave one thousand from each tribe, that is, twelve thousand foot soldiers for battle. (Numbers 31, 5)

  • And Moses, being angry with the leaders of the army, and the tribunes, and the centurions, who had arrived from the battle, (Numbers 31, 14)

  • And you shall separate a portion for the Lord from the portion of those who fought and were in the battle: one soul out of five hundred, as much from humans, as from oxen and donkeys and sheep. (Numbers 31, 28)

  • And one half of the portion was given to those who had been in the battle: three hundred thirty-seven thousand five hundred sheep. (Numbers 31, 36)

  • from the one half portion belonging to the sons of Israel, which he had separated from the portion of those who had been in the battle. (Numbers 31, 42)

  • And Moses answered them: “Should your brothers go to battle, while you sit here? (Numbers 32, 6)

  • But we ourselves will continue on, armed and girded for battle, before the sons of Israel, until we lead them to their places. Our little ones, and whatever we may be able to have, shall be in walled cities, because of the treachery of the inhabitants. (Numbers 32, 17)

  • And Moses said to them: “If you accomplish what you have promised, you may go out, equipped for battle, before the Lord. (Numbers 32, 20)

  • And we, your servants, all well-equipped, will go forth to battle, just as you, our ruler, has spoken.” (Numbers 32, 27)

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