Znaleziono 59 Wyniki dla: remnant

  • 'But should you in any way relapse, if you make friends with the remnant of these nations still living beside you, if you intermarry with them, if you mix with them and they with you, (Joshua 23, 12)

  • They went on, 'How can we preserve a remnant for Benjamin so that a tribe may not be lost to Israel? (Judges 21, 17)

  • Then the king summoned the Gibeonites and said-now, the Gibeonites were not Israelites, but were a remnant of the Amorites, to whom the Israelites had bound themselves by oath; Saul, however, in his zeal for the Israelites and for Judah, had done his best to exterminate them- hence David said to the Gibeonites, (2 Samuel 21, 2)

  • May Yahweh your God hear the words of the cupbearer-in-chief whom his master, the king of Assyria, has sent to insult the living God, and may Yahweh your God punish the words he has heard. Offer your prayer for the remnant still remaining." ' (2 Kings 19, 4)

  • The surviving remnant of the House of Judah will bring forth new roots below and fruits above; (2 Kings 19, 30)

  • for a remnant will issue from Jerusalem, and survivors from Mount Zion. Yahweh Sabaoth's jealous love will accomplish this. (2 Kings 19, 31)

  • I shall cast away the remnant of my heritage, delivering them into the clutches of their enemies and making them the prey and booty of all their enemies, (2 Kings 21, 14)

  • And now, for a brief moment, the favour of Yahweh our God has allowed a remnant of us to escape and given us a stable home in his holy place, so that our God can raise our spirits and revive us a little in our slavery. (Ezra 9, 8)

  • are we to break your commandments again and intermarry with people with these disgusting practices? Would you not be enraged with us to the point of destroying us, leaving neither remnant nor survivor? (Ezra 9, 14)

  • Yahweh, God of Israel, you are upright. We survive only as the remnant we are today. We come before you in our guilt; because of it we cannot stand in your presence.' (Ezra 9, 15)

  • against whom he was to send a force, to crush and destroy the power of Israel and the remnant of Jerusalem, to wipe out their very memory from the place, (1 Maccabees 3, 35)

  • Judas himself fell, and the remnant fled. (1 Maccabees 9, 18)

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