Znaleziono 56 Wyniki dla: pleased

  • Hamor and Shechem son of Hamor were pleased with what they heard. (Genesis 34, 18)

  • he was pleased with Joseph and made him his personal attendant; and his master put him in charge of his household, entrusting him with all his possessions. (Genesis 39, 4)

  • News reached Pharaoh's palace that Joseph's brothers had come, and Pharaoh was pleased to hear it, as were his servants. (Genesis 45, 16)

  • And yet, if it pleased you to forgive their sin. . .! If not, please blot me out of the book you have written!' (Exodus 32, 32)

  • If Yahweh is pleased with us, he will lead us into this country and give it to us. It is a country flowing with milk and honey. (Numbers 14, 8)

  • Balaam then saw that it pleased Yahweh to bless Israel. He did not go as before to seek omens but turned towards the desert. (Numbers 24, 1)

  • 'Suppose a man has taken a wife and consummated the marriage; but she has not pleased him and he has found some impropriety of which to accuse her; he has therefore made out a writ of divorce for her and handed it to her and then dismissed her from his house; (Deuteronomy 24, 1)

  • The Israelites were pleased to hear this; the Israelites gave thanks to God and spoke no more of marching against them to make war on them and to ravage the country inhabited by the Reubenites and the Gadites. (Joshua 22, 33)

  • Yahweh, for the sake of his great name, will not desert his people, for it has pleased Yahweh to make you his people. (1 Samuel 12, 22)

  • To which, Samuel said: Is Yahweh pleased by burnt offerings and sacrifices or by obedience to Yahweh's voice? Truly, obedience is better than sacrifice, submissiveness than the fat of rams. (1 Samuel 15, 22)

  • Now Michal daughter of Saul fell in love with David. When Saul heard this he was pleased. (1 Samuel 18, 20)

  • He took his life in his hands, he killed the Philistine, and Yahweh brought about a great victory for all Israel. You saw for yourself. How pleased you were! Why then sin against innocent blood by killing David for no reason?' (1 Samuel 19, 5)

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