Znaleziono 156 Wyniki dla: lamp-stands

  • 'You will also make a lamp-stand of pure gold; the lamp-stand must be of beaten gold, base and stem. Its cups, calyxes and petals, must be of a piece with it. (Exodus 25, 31)

  • Six branches must spring from its sides: three of the lamp-stand's branches from one side, three of the lamp-stand's branches from the other. (Exodus 25, 32)

  • The lamp-stand itself must carry four cups shaped like almond blossoms, each with its calyx and bud: (Exodus 25, 34)

  • one calyx under the first two branches springing from the lamp-stand, one calyx under the next pair of branches and one calyx under the last pair of branches -- thus for all six branches springing from the lamp-stand. (Exodus 25, 35)

  • The calyxes and the branches will be of a piece with the lamp-stand, and the whole made from a single piece of pure gold, beaten out. (Exodus 25, 36)

  • You will use a talent of pure gold for the lamp-stand and all its accessories; (Exodus 25, 39)

  • You will place the table outside the curtain, and the lamp-stand on the south side of the Dwelling, opposite the table; you will put the table on the north side. (Exodus 26, 35)

  • 'You will order the Israelites to bring you pure pounded olive oil for the light, and to keep a lamp burning all the time. (Exodus 27, 20)

  • the table and all its accessories, the lamp-stand and its accessories, the altar of incense, (Exodus 30, 27)

  • the table and all its accessories; the pure lamp-stand and all its equipment; the altar of incense; (Exodus 31, 8)

  • the lamp-stand for the light, its accessories, its lamps, and the oil for the light; (Exodus 35, 14)

  • He also made the lamp-stand of pure gold, making the lamp-stand, base and stem, of beaten gold, its cups, calyxes and bud being of a piece with it. (Exodus 37, 17)

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