Znaleziono 939 Wyniki dla: city

  • And he called the name of the city Bethel, which before was called Luza. (Genesis 28, 19)

  • And he passed over to Salem, a city of the Sichemites, which is in the land of Chanaan, after he returned from Mesopotamia of Syria: and he dwelt by the town: (Genesis 33, 18)

  • And going into the gate of the city they spoke to the people: (Genesis 34, 20)

  • And behold the third day, when the pain of the wound was greatest, two of the sons of Jacob, Simeon and Levi, the brothers of Dina, taking their swords, entered boldly into the city, and slew all the men: (Genesis 34, 25)

  • And when they were gone out, the other sons of Jacob came upon the slain; and plundered the city in revenge of the rape. (Genesis 34, 27)

  • So they gave him all the strange gods they had, and the earrings which were in their ears: and he buried them under the turpentine tree, that is behind the city of Sichem. (Genesis 35, 4)

  • And he came to Isaac his father in Mambre, the city of Arbee, this is Hebron: Wherein Abraham and Isaac sojourned. (Genesis 35, 27)

  • Bela the son of Beer, and the name of his city Denaba. (Genesis 36, 32)

  • And after his death, Adad the son of Badad reigned in his stead, who defeated the Madianites in the country of Moab: and the name of his city was Avith. (Genesis 36, 35)

  • This man also being dead, Adar reigned in his place, and the name of his city was Phau: and his wife was called Meetabel, the daughter of Matred, daughter of Mezaab. (Genesis 36, 39)

  • And all the abundance of grain was laid up in every city. (Genesis 41, 48)

  • And when they were now departed out of the city, and had gone forward a little way; Joseph sendingfor the steward of his house, said: Arise, and pursue after the men: and when thou hast overtaken them, say to them: Why have you returned evil for good? (Genesis 44, 4)

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