Znaleziono 34 Wyniki dla: swords

  • Three days later when they were still in pain, two of Jacob's sons, Simeon and Levi, Dinah's brothers, taking their swords, entered and took the town by surprise (Genesis 34, 25)

  • Simeon and Levi are brothers; their swords are weapons of violence. (Genesis 49, 5)

  • The heads of all the people and of all the tribes of Israel came to the assembly of the people of God: four hundred thousand men on foot, all armed with swords. (Judges 20, 2)

  • That day the Benjaminites who came from different cities totaled twenty-six thousand men, armed with swords, without counting the inhabitants of Gibeah. (Judges 20, 15)

  • The Israelites had no smith anywhere in their land, for the Philistines did not want the Hebrews to make swords or spears. (1 Samuel 13, 19)

  • and after consulting his men, he went with them to the camp. They saw that there was complete confusion and the soldiers were striking each other with their swords. (1 Samuel 14, 20)

  • The people of Reuben, Gad, and half tribe of Manasseh, were 44,760 valiant men, well-trained in the use of shields, swords, and bows. (1 Chronicles 5, 18)

  • And Yahweh sent an angel who made all the mighty warriors, commanders and officers die in the camp of the king of Assyria. So the emperor went back to Assyria very ashamed. And as he came into the temple of his god, some of his own sons struck him with their swords. (2 Chronicles 32, 21)

  • So I ordered that people be sta-tioned behind the wall, there in the lowest part. I stationed them by families, with their swords, spears, and bows. (Nehemiah 4, 7)

  • The wicked draw their swords and bend their bows; they aim at the poor and the afflicted, they get ready to slay the righteous. (Psalms 37, 14)

  • His words were smoother than butter, yet war was in his heart; his utterances, more soothing than oil, were swords ready and drawn. (Psalms 55, 22)

  • I lie prostrate in the midst of lions that greedily devour people, their teeth are pointed spears and arrows, their tongues, sharpened swords. (Psalms 57, 5)

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