Znaleziono 214 Wyniki dla: destroyed

  • Come down from glory, sit on the parched ground, all you who dwell in Dibon; Moab's destroyer has come against you, he has destroyed your stronghold. (Jeremiah 48, 18)

  • Moab is shamed, oh, yes, destroyed; howl and cry out for her. Announce it by the Arnon that Moab is ruined. (Jeremiah 48, 20)

  • Moab will be destroyed as a nation because she defied the Lord. (Jeremiah 48, 42)

  • But the days are coming - says Yahweh - when I will sound the battle alarm against Rabbah of the Ammonites. It will become a heap of ruins, its villages destroyed by fire. Then Israel will dispossess those who had dispossessed her - Yahweh says. (Jeremiah 49, 2)

  • Therefore hear Yahweh's plan against Edom, against those who live in Teman. They will be dragged away, even the smallest sheep; their pasture will be destroyed on account of them. (Jeremiah 49, 20)

  • "Do not hide this, but announce among the nations that Babylon is taken, Bel confounded, Merodach dismayed; her images are put to shame, her idols destroyed. (Jeremiah 50, 2)

  • Therefore hear Yahweh's plans against Babylon, against the land of the Chaldeans: they will be dragged away, even the smallest sheep, their pasture will be destroyed on account of them. (Jeremiah 50, 45)

  • Then say: 'Yahweh, you yourself have proclaimed that this place will be destroyed, that neither man nor beast will ever live here again, for it will remain desolate forever.' (Jeremiah 51, 62)

  • The Lord has become an enemy who has laid Israel in ruins. He has destroyed all her palaces and laid waste her fortresses. He has multiplied the tears of the daughter of Judah. (Lamentations 2, 5)

  • All your enemies open wide their mouths against you; they gnash their teeth, they hiss, they crow: "We have destroyed her! This is the day we have waited for; we have lived to see it happen." (Lamentations 2, 16)

  • Just as that nation rejoiced in your downfall and took pleasure in your destruction so will she be afflicted and destroyed. (Baruch 4, 33)

  • I will destroy the wall you daubed with whitewash; I will level it to the ground and its foundation will be laid bare. It will fall and beneath it you will be utterly destroyed and you will know that I am Yahweh. (Ezekiel 13, 14)

“A meditação não é um meio para chegar a Deus, mas um fim. A finalidade da meditação é o amor a Deus e ao próximo.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina