Znaleziono 6 Wyniki dla: Fleece

  • I am going to spread this woolen fleece on the threshing ground. If the dew falls only on the fleece while all the ground remains dry, then I shall know that you are to save Israel by my hand, as you have promised." (Judges 6, 37)

  • So it was: Gideon rose at day-break, squeezed the fleece and wrung out the dew, filling a cup with water. (Judges 6, 38)

  • Gideon again spoke to God and said to him, "Don't be angry with me if I dare to speak to you again. Allow me to make another test with the fleece: let it be dry only on the fleece and let dew come on all the ground." (Judges 6, 39)

  • That night, Yahweh did so. The fleece remained dry and dew covered all the ground. (Judges 6, 40)

  • Then she arose; she dressed in her beautiful garments and all the finery of a woman. Her servant went and spread on the ground, in front of Holofernes, the fleece which Judith had received from Bagoas for her daily use so that she could recline on it while she ate. (Judith 12, 15)

  • who did not bless me from his heart for giving him the warmth of my fleece? (Job 31, 20)

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