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  • And the edifice, which was separate, and which verged toward the way looking toward the sea, was seventy cubits in width. But the wall of the edifice was five cubits in width on all sides, and its length was ninety cubits. (Ezekiel 41, 12)

  • Now the width before the face of the house, and of that which was separate facing the east, was one hundred cubits. (Ezekiel 41, 14)

  • Upon these were the oblique windows, with the representation of palm trees on one side as well as on the other, at the sides of the vestibule, in accord with the sides of the house, and the width of the walls. (Ezekiel 41, 26)

  • The length of the face of the north gate was one hundred cubits, and the width was fifty cubits. (Ezekiel 42, 2)

  • And before the storerooms, there was a walkway of ten cubits in width, looking toward the interior along a way of one cubit. And their doors were toward the north. (Ezekiel 42, 4)

  • In the width of the enclosing wall of the court that was opposite the way of the east, at the face of the separate edifice, there were also storerooms, before the edifice. (Ezekiel 42, 10)

  • And the way before their face was in accord with the form of the storerooms which were along the way of the north. As was their length, so also was their width. And the entire entrance, and the likenesses, and their doors (Ezekiel 42, 11)

  • By the four winds, he measured its wall, on every side throughout the course: five hundred cubits in length and five hundred cubits in width, dividing between the sanctuary and the place of the common people. (Ezekiel 42, 20)

  • Now these are the measures of the altar by the most true cubit, which has a cubit and a palm. Its bend was a cubit, and it was a cubit in width. And its boundary, even to its edge and all around, was the width of one palm. The trough of the altar was like this also. (Ezekiel 43, 13)

  • And from the bend at the floor even to the furthest rim was two cubits, and the width was one cubit. And from the lesser rim even to the greater rim was four cubits, and the width was one cubit. (Ezekiel 43, 14)

  • And the hearth was twelve cubits in length by twelve cubits in width, foursquare, with equal sides. (Ezekiel 43, 16)

  • And the rim was fourteen cubits in length, by fourteen cubits in width, at its four corners. And the crown all around it was one half cubit, and its bend was one cubit all around. And its steps turned toward the east. (Ezekiel 43, 17)

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