Znaleziono 14 Wyniki dla: rebuild

  • “Cursed before the Lord is the man who will raise up and rebuild the city of Jericho! With his firstborn, may he lay its foundation, and with the last of his children, may he set up its gates.” (Joshua 6, 26)

  • And I said to the king: “If it seems good to the king, and if your servant is pleasing before your face: that you would send me into Judea, to the city of the sepulcher of my father. And I will rebuild it.” (Nehemiah 2, 5)

  • And so I said to them: “You know the affliction in which we are, because Jerusalem is desolate, and its gates have been consumed by fire. Come, and let us rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, and let us no longer be in disgrace.” (Nehemiah 2, 17)

  • Confess to the Lord with your good things, and bless the God of all ages, so that he may rebuild his tabernacle in you, and he may recall all the captives to you, and you may be glad in all ages and forever. (Tobit 13, 12)

  • And Jonathan lived in Jerusalem, and he began to rebuild and repair the city. (1 Maccabees 10, 10)

  • For they treated him wickedly, though he was consecrated as a prophet from his mother’s womb: to overthrow, and to root out, and to destroy, and also to rebuild and to renew. (Ecclesiasticus 49, 9)

  • And they will rebuild the deserted places of past ages, and they will raise up the ruins of antiquity, and they will repair the desolate cities, which had been dissipated for generation after generation. (Isaiah 61, 4)

  • In that day, I will raise up the tabernacle of David, which is fallen. And I will repair the breaches in its walls, and I will restore that which collapsed. And I will rebuild it, just as in the days of antiquity, (Amos 9, 11)

  • And I will turn back the captivity of my people Israel. And they will rebuild the deserted cities and inhabit them. And they will plant vineyards and drink their wine. And they will create gardens and eat their fruits. (Amos 9, 14)

  • and they said, “This man said: ‘I am able to destroy the temple of God, and, after three days, to rebuild it.’ ” (Matthew 26, 61)

  • and saying: “Ah, so you would destroy the temple of God and in three days rebuild it! Save your own self. If you are the Son of God, descend from the cross.” (Matthew 27, 40)

  • And the passersby blasphemed him, shaking their heads and saying, “Ah, you who would destroy the temple of God, and in three days rebuild it, (Mark 15, 29)

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