Znaleziono 553 Wyniki dla: evil

  • But the sons of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord, joining new sins to old, and they served idols, the Baals and Ashtaroth, and the gods of Syria and Sidon, and of Moab and the sons of Ammon, and the Philistines. And they abandoned the Lord, and they did not worship him. (Judges 10, 6)

  • Therefore, I am not sinning against you, but you are doing evil against me, by declaring an unjust war against me. May the Lord be the Judge and the Arbiter this day, between Israel and the sons of Ammon.” (Judges 11, 27)

  • And again, the sons of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord. And he delivered them into the hands of the Philistines for forty years. (Judges 13, 1)

  • And the old man went out to them, and he said: “Do not choose, brothers, do not choose to do this evil. For this man has entered to my hospitality. And you must cease from this senselessness. (Judges 19, 23)

  • Deliver the men of Gibeah, who have perpetrated this deplorable act, so that they may die, and so that the evil may be taken away from Israel.” And they were not willing to listen to the command of their brothers, the sons of Israel. (Judges 20, 13)

  • “Why, O Lord, God of Israel, has this evil happened among your people, so that this day one tribe would be taken away from us?” (Judges 21, 3)

  • And you shall watch. And if, indeed, it ascends by the way of his own parts, toward Beth-shemesh, then he has done this great evil to us. But if not, then we shall know that it is by no means his hand that has touched us, but instead it happened by chance.” (1 Samuel 6, 9)

  • Is it not the harvest of the wheat today? I will call upon the Lord, and he will send thunder and rain. And you will know and see that you have done a great evil in the sight of the Lord, by petitioning for a king over you.” (1 Samuel 12, 17)

  • And all the people feared the Lord and Samuel exceedingly. And all the people said to Samuel: “Pray, on behalf of your servants, to the Lord your God, so that we may not die. For we have added to all our sins this evil, that we would petition for a king.” (1 Samuel 12, 19)

  • Then Samuel said to the people: “Do not be afraid. You have done all this evil. Yet truly, do not choose to withdraw from the back of the Lord. Instead, serve the Lord with all your heart. (1 Samuel 12, 20)

  • Why then, did you not listen to the voice of the Lord? Instead, you turned to the spoils, and you did evil in the eyes of the Lord.” (1 Samuel 15, 19)

  • And the servants of Saul said to him: “Behold, an evil spirit from God disturbs you. (1 Samuel 16, 15)

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