Znaleziono 273 Wyniki dla: Sins

  • Moreover, Manasseh also has shed an exceedingly great amount of innocent blood, until he filled Jerusalem even to the mouth, aside from his sins by which he caused Judah to sin, so that they did evil before the Lord.” (2 Kings 21, 16)

  • Then this occurred, by the word of the Lord against Judah, that he took him away from before himself because of all the sins of Manasseh which he did, (2 Kings 24, 3)

  • If the heavens have been closed, so that rain does not fall, because of the sin of the people, and if they will petition you in this place, and confess to your name, and be converted from their sins when you will afflict them, (2 Chronicles 6, 26)

  • heed them from heaven, O Lord, and forgive the sins of your servants and of your people Israel, and teach them the good way, by which they may advance, and give rain to the land that you gave to your people as a possession. (2 Chronicles 6, 27)

  • and if my people, over whom my name has been invoked, being converted, will have petitioned me and sought my face, and will have done penance for their wicked ways, then I will heed them from heaven, and I will forgive their sins, and I will heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7, 14)

  • but in the God of his father. And he advanced in his precepts, and not according to the sins of Israel. (2 Chronicles 17, 4)

  • And they said to them: “You shall not lead back captives to here, lest we sin against the Lord. Why are you willing to add to our sins, and to build upon our old offenses? For indeed, the sin is great, and the furious anger of the Lord is hanging over Israel.” (2 Chronicles 28, 13)

  • Also, his prayer and its heeding, and all his sins and contempt, and the sites on which he built high places and made sacred groves and statues, before he repented, have been written in the words of Hozai. (2 Chronicles 33, 19)

  • may your ears be attentive, and may your eyes be open, so that you may hear the prayer of your servant, which I am praying before you today, night and day, for the sons of Israel, your servants. And I am confessing the sins of the sons of Israel, which they have sinned against you. We have sinned, I and my father’s house. (Nehemiah 1, 6)

  • And the offspring of the sons of Israel were separated from all the sons of foreigners. And they stood up, and they confessed their sins and the iniquities of their fathers. (Nehemiah 9, 2)

  • And its fruits are multiplied for the kings, whom you have set over us because of our sins. And they rule over our bodies, and over our cattle, according to their will. And we are in great tribulation. (Nehemiah 9, 37)

  • And now, O Lord, remember me, and do not take vengeance for my sins, and do not call to mind my offenses, nor those of my parents. (Tobit 3, 3)

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