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  • Upon seeing the Kenites, he gave voice to his oracle: Your abode is enduring, O smith, and your nest is set on a cliff; (Numbers 24, 21)

  • "If, while walking along, you chance upon a bird's nest with young birds or eggs in it, in any tree or on the ground, and the mother bird is sitting on them, you shall not take away the mother bird along with her brood; (Deuteronomy 22, 6)

  • Then I said: "In my own nest I shall grow old; I shall multiply years like the phoenix. (Job 29, 18)

  • Does the eagle fly up at your command to build his nest aloft? (Job 39, 27)

  • As the sparrow finds a home and the swallow a nest to settle her young, My home is by your altars, LORD of hosts, my king and my God! (Psalms 84, 4)

  • Beside them the birds of heaven nest; among the branches they sing. (Psalms 104, 12)

  • Like a bird that is far from its nest is a man who is far from his home. (Proverbs 27, 8)

  • Who builds his nest in her leafage, and lodges in her branches; (Ecclesiasticus 14, 26)

  • Birds nest with their own kind, and fidelity comes to those who live by it. (Ecclesiasticus 27, 9)

  • Or a man who has no nest, but lodges where night overtakes him? (Ecclesiasticus 36, 27)

  • My hand has seized like a nest the riches of nations; As one takes eggs left alone, so I took in all the earth; No one fluttered a wing, or opened a mouth, or chirped!" (Isaiah 10, 14)

  • There the hoot owl shall nest and lay eggs, hatch them out and gather them in her shadow; There shall the kites assemble, none shall be missing its mate. (Isaiah 34, 15)

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