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  • If further harm is done, however, you will award life for life, (Exodus 21, 23)

  • If a ransom is imposed on the owner, he will pay whatever is imposed, to redeem his life. (Exodus 21, 30)

  • In your country no woman will miscarry, none be sterile, and I shall give you your full term of life. (Exodus 23, 26)

  • 'When you count the Israelites by census, each one of them must pay Yahweh a ransom for his life, to avoid any incidence of plague among them while you are holding the census. (Exodus 30, 12)

  • For the life of the creature is in the blood, and I have given it to you for performing the rite of expiation on the altar for your lives, for blood is what expiates for a life. (Leviticus 17, 11)

  • For the life of every creature is its blood, and I have told the Israelites: You will not consume the blood of any creature, for the life of every creature is its blood, and anyone who consumes it will be outlawed. (Leviticus 17, 14)

  • hence you will keep my laws and my customs. Whoever complies with them will find life in them. "I am Yahweh. (Leviticus 18, 5)

  • You will not go about slandering your own family, nor will you put your neighbour's life in jeopardy. I am Yahweh. (Leviticus 19, 16)

  • "Anyone who strikes down an animal will make restitution for it: a life for a life. (Leviticus 24, 18)

  • They threw themselves on their faces and cried out, 'O God, God of the spirits that give life to every living thing, will you be angry with the whole community because one man has sinned?' (Numbers 16, 22)

  • The donkey said to Balaam, 'Am I not your donkey, and have I not been your mount all your life? Have I ever behaved like this with you before?' 'No,' he replied. (Numbers 22, 30)

  • 'May it please Yahweh, God of the spirits that give life to all living creatures, to appoint a leader for this community, (Numbers 27, 16)

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