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  • who looks with scorn on the vile, but honours those who fear Yahweh, who stands by an oath at any cost, (Psalms 15, 4)

  • Yahweh, you yourself are my lamp, my God lights up my darkness; (Psalms 18, 28)

  • but from the entire earth the design stands out, this message reaches the whole world. High above, he pitched a tent for the sun, (Psalms 19, 4)

  • but Yahweh's own plan stands firm for ever, his heart's counsel from age to age. (Psalms 33, 11)

  • 'Look, you have given me but a hand's breadth or two of life, the length of my life is as nothing to you. Every human being that stands on earth is a mere puff of wind, (Psalms 39, 5)

  • From the end of the earth I call to you with fainting heart. Lead me to the high rock that stands far out of my reach. (Psalms 61, 2)

  • Who rises up on my side against the wicked? Who stands firm on my side against all evil-doers? (Psalms 94, 16)

  • for he stands at the side of the poor, to save their lives from those who sit in judgement on them. (Psalms 109, 31)

  • Full of splendour and majesty his work, his saving justice stands firm for ever. (Psalms 111, 3)

  • Riches and wealth for his family; his uprightness stands firm for ever. (Psalms 112, 3)

  • For the honest he shines as a lamp in the dark, generous, tender-hearted, and upright. (Psalms 112, 4)

  • To the needy he gives without stint, his uprightness stands firm for ever; his reputation is founded on strength. (Psalms 112, 9)

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