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  • or by earth, since that is his footstool; or by Jerusalem, since that is the city of the great King. (Matthew 5, 35)

  • The king was distressed but, thinking of the oaths he had sworn and of his guests, he ordered it to be given her, (Matthew 14, 9)

  • 'And so the kingdom of Heaven may be compared to a king who decided to settle his accounts with his servants. (Matthew 18, 23)

  • Say to the daughter of Zion: Look, your king is approaching, humble and riding on a donkey and on a colt, the foal of a beast of burden. (Matthew 21, 5)

  • 'The kingdom of Heaven may be compared to a king who gave a feast for his son's wedding. (Matthew 22, 2)

  • The king was furious. He despatched his troops, destroyed those murderers and burnt their town. (Matthew 22, 7)

  • When the king came in to look at the guests he noticed one man who was not wearing a wedding garment, (Matthew 22, 11)

  • Then the king said to the attendants, "Bind him hand and foot and throw him into the darkness outside, where there will be weeping and grinding of teeth." (Matthew 22, 13)

  • Then the King will say to those on his right hand, "Come, you whom my Father has blessed, take as your heritage the kingdom prepared for you since the foundation of the world. (Matthew 25, 34)

  • And the King will answer, "In truth I tell you, in so far as you did this to one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did it to me." (Matthew 25, 40)

  • Jesus, then, was brought before the governor, and the governor put to him this question, 'Are you the king of the Jews?' Jesus replied, 'It is you who say it.' (Matthew 27, 11)

  • and having twisted some thorns into a crown they put this on his head and placed a reed in his right hand. To make fun of him they knelt to him saying, 'Hail, king of the Jews!' (Matthew 27, 29)

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