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  • Wine makes for a glad heart and a cheerful mind, if taken moderately and at the right time. (Ecclesiasticus 31, 28)

  • Do not reproach a neighbor during a wine feast, and don't look down on him when he is merry; do not speak harshly to him or annoy him by asking him to settle a debt. (Ecclesiasticus 31, 31)

  • A musical concert at a wine banquet is like a ruby set in gold. (Ecclesiasticus 32, 5)

  • As an emerald signet set in a work of gold, so is the music with good wine. (Ecclesiasticus 32, 6)

  • Wine and music gladden the heart, but better still is the love of wisdom. (Ecclesiasticus 40, 20)

  • Your silver has turned to dross, your best wine thinned with water. (Isaiah 1, 22)

  • Ten acres of vineyard will yield only a barrel of wine; ten bushels of seed, only a bushel of grain." (Isaiah 5, 10)

  • Woe to those who rise early in the morning to run after strong drink, and tarry late in the evening till they are inflamed with wine. (Isaiah 5, 11)

  • They have lyres and harps, timbrels and flutes, and wine at their banquets; but they have no thought for the deeds of the Lord, nor do they see his plans. (Isaiah 5, 12)

  • But they are gone: joy and gladness have now vanished from your orchards. In the vineyards no more singing is heard, no more shout of joy is raised. In the winepresses no foot treads out wine, no voice shouts in exultation, no heart sings a vintage song. (Isaiah 16, 10)

  • The new wine mourns, the vine pines away, all the revelers groan. (Isaiah 24, 7)

  • No more will they drink wine with a song; strong drink tastes bitter to the drinker. (Isaiah 24, 9)

“Seja grato e beije docemente a mão de Deus. É sempre a mão de um pai que pune porque lhe quer bem” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina