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  • Although you may be aware of it, I wish to remind you that the Lord saved his people from the land of Egypt, but later delivered to death those who did not believe. (Jude 1, 5)

  • In spite of all this, these people now do the same: in their ravings, they debase their bodies, scorn the celestial authorities, blaspheme against the angels. (Jude 1, 8)

  • Not so these people, they insult and scorn what they cannot understand; what they know by instinct like animals, they use for their corruption. (Jude 1, 10)

  • All these are discontented who curse their lot and follow their passions. Their mouth is full of arrogant words, and they flatter people for their own interest. (Jude 1, 16)

  • They said to you, "At the end of time, there will be scoffers led by their desires which are those of godless people." (Jude 1, 18)

  • Actually, these people are those who cause divisions, they are worldly people and do not have the Holy Spirit. (Jude 1, 19)

  • Therefore, repent; if not, I will come to you soon to attack these people with the sword of my mouth. (Revelation 2, 16)

  • Because you have kept my words with patient endurance, I, for my part, will keep you safe in the hour of trial which is coming upon the whole world, to test the people of the earth. (Revelation 3, 10)

  • This is the new song they sang: You are worthy to take the book and open its seals, for you were slain and by your blood you purchased for God people of every race, language and nation; (Revelation 5, 9)

  • Then another horse the color of fire came out. Its rider was ordered to take peace away from the earth, that people might kill one another; so he was given a great sword. (Revelation 6, 4)

  • The kings of the earth and their ministers, the generals, the rich and the powerful, and all the people, slaves as well as free persons, hid in caves or among rocks on the mountains, (Revelation 6, 15)

  • Then I heard the number of those marked with the seal: a hundred and forty-four thousand from all the tribes of the people of Israel: (Revelation 7, 4)

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