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  • This is the way you will do it: the length of the ark, four hundred and fifty feet; the width, seventy-five feet; the height, forty-five feet. (Genesis 6, 15)

  • The waters had risen and covered the mountains to a depth of more than twenty feet. (Genesis 7, 20)

  • Let a little water be brought. Wash your feet and then rest under the trees. (Genesis 18, 4)

  • and said, "My lords, I pray you come to your servant's house to stay the night. Wash your feet, and then in the morning you may rise early and go on your way." They said, "No, we will spend the night in the square." (Genesis 19, 2)

  • So the man entered the house and unloaded the camels. Straw and fodder were given to the camels and water to wash the feet of the man and of those who were with him. (Genesis 24, 32)

  • The steward took them into Joseph's house, gave them water to wash their feet and fodder for their donkeys. (Genesis 43, 24)

  • The scepter shall not be taken from Judah, nor the ruler's staff from between his feet, until he comes to whom it belongs, and who has the obedience of the nations. (Genesis 49, 10)

  • When Jacob had given these instructions to his sons, he drew his feet up into the bed; he breathed his last and was gathered to his people. (Genesis 49, 33)

  • But Zipporah took a flint stone and cut her son's foreskin and, with it, she touched the feet of Moses saying, "You are now my husband by blood!" (Exodus 4, 25)

  • And this is how you will eat: with a belt round your waist, sandals on your feet and a staff in your hand. You shall eat hastily for it is a passover in honor of Yahweh. (Exodus 12, 11)

  • They saw the God of Israel. Under his feet there was what seemed like a pavement of sapphire, clear as the sky itself. (Exodus 24, 10)

  • You are to kill the ram, take some of its blood and put it on the lobe of Aaron's right ear, on the lobes of his sons' right ears, the thumbs of their right hands, and the big toes of their right feet, and pour out the rest of the blood on the sides of the altar. (Exodus 29, 20)

“Não queremos aceitar o fato de que o sofrimento é necessário para nossa alma e de que a cruz deve ser o nosso pão cotidiano. Assim como o corpo precisa ser nutrido, também a alma precisa da cruz, dia a dia, para purificá-la e desapegá-la das coisas terrenas. Não queremos entender que Deus não quer e não pode salvar-nos nem santificar-nos sem a cruz. Quanto mais Ele chama uma alma a Si, mais a santifica por meio da cruz.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina