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  • In my tribulation, I will call upon the Lord, and I will cry out to my God. And he will heed my voice from his temple, and my outcry will reach his ears. (2 Samuel 22, 7)

  • But still the people immolated in the high places. For no temple had been built to the name of the Lord, even to that day. (1 Kings 3, 2)

  • For this reason, I intend to build a temple to the name of the Lord my God, just as the Lord spoke to my father David, saying: ‘Your son, whom I will set in your place, upon your throne, he himself shall build a house to my name.’ (1 Kings 5, 5)

  • And the king ordered them to bring great stones, precious stones, for the foundation of the temple, and to square them. (1 Kings 5, 17)

  • And a portico was before the temple, of twenty cubits in length, in accord with the measure of the width of the temple. And it had ten cubits of width before the face of the temple. (1 Kings 6, 3)

  • And he made oblique windows in the temple. (1 Kings 6, 4)

  • And upon the wall of the temple, he built panels on all sides, in the walls of the house around the temple and the oracle. And he made side chambers all around. (1 Kings 6, 5)

  • The flooring on the bottom level held five cubits in width, and the middle floor was six cubits in width, and the third floor held seven cubits in width. Then he positioned beams on the house all around the outside, in such a way that they would not be fastened to the walls of the temple. (1 Kings 6, 6)

  • And he built panels of cedar, of twenty cubits, at the back part of the temple, from the floor even to the top. And he made the inner house of the oracle as the Holy of Holies. (1 Kings 6, 16)

  • And the temple itself, before the doors of the oracle, was forty cubits. (1 Kings 6, 17)

  • And there was nothing in the temple that was not covered with gold. Moreover, the entire altar of the oracle he overlaid with gold. (1 Kings 6, 22)

  • And he stationed the cherubim in the middle of the inner temple. And the cherubim extended their wings, and the wing of the one was touching the wall, and the wing of the second cherub was touching the other wall. But the other wings, in the middle of the temple, were touching each another. (1 Kings 6, 27)

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