Talált 9 Eredmények: polluted

  • The fish in the river shall die, and the river itself shall become so polluted that the Egyptians will be unable to drink its water." (Exodus 7, 18)

  • The fish in the river died, and the river itself became so polluted that the Egyptians could not drink its water. There was blood throughout the land of Egypt. (Exodus 7, 21)

  • Like a troubled fountain or a polluted spring is a just man who gives way before the wicked. (Proverbs 25, 26)

  • The earth is polluted because of its inhabitants, who have transgressed laws, violated statutes, broken the ancient covenant. (Isaiah 24, 5)

  • all of us have become like unclean men, all our good deeds are like polluted rags; We have all withered like leaves, and our guilt carries us away like the wind. (Isaiah 64, 5)

  • Eager to sin, she polluted the land, committing adultery with stone and wood. (Jeremiah 3, 9)

  • Woe to the city, rebellious and polluted, to the tyrannical city! (Zephaniah 3, 1)

  • By offering polluted food on my altar! Then you ask, "How have we polluted it?" By saying the table of the LORD may be slighted! (Malachi 1, 7)

  • But you behave profanely toward me by thinking the LORD'S table and its offering may be polluted, and its food slighted. (Malachi 1, 12)

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