Talált 22 Eredmények: Tobit

  • The book of the acts of Tobit the son of Tobiel, son of Ananiel, son of Aduel, son of Gabael, of the descendants of Asiel and the tribe of Naphtali, (Tobit 1, 1)

  • I, Tobit, walked in the ways of truth and righteousness all the days of my life, and I performed many acts of charity to my brethren and countrymen who went with me into the land of the Assyrians, to Nineveh. (Tobit 1, 3)

  • And Raphael was sent to heal the two of them: to scale away the white films of Tobit's eyes; to give Sarah the daughter of Raguel in marriage to Tobias the son of Tobit, and to bind Asmodeus the evil demon, because Tobias was entitled to possess her. At that very moment Tobit returned and entered his house and Sarah the daughter of Raguel came down from her upper room. (Tobit 3, 17)

  • On that day Tobit remembered the money which he had left in trust with Gabael at Rages in Media, and he said to himself; (Tobit 4, 1)

  • Then Tobit gave him the receipt, and said to him, "Find a man to go with you and I will pay him wages as long as I live; and go and get the money." (Tobit 5, 3)

  • Then Tobit said to him, "My brother, to what tribe and family do you belong? Tell me. " (Tobit 5, 10)

  • But he answered, "Are you looking for a tribe and a family or for a man whom you will pay to go with your son?" And Tobit said to him, "I should like to know, my brother, your people and your name." (Tobit 5, 11)

  • Then Tobit said to him, "You are welcome, my brother. Do not be angry with me because I tried to learn your tribe and family. You are a relative of mine, of a good and noble lineage. For I used to know Ananias and Jathan, the sons of the great Shemaiah, when we went together to Jerusalem to worship and offered the first-born of our flocks and the tithes of our produce. They did not go astray in the error of our brethren. My brother, you come of good stock. (Tobit 5, 13)

  • But Anna, his mother, began to weep, and said to Tobit, "Why have you sent our child away? Is he not the staff of our hands as he goes in and out before us? (Tobit 5, 17)

  • And Tobit said to her, "Do not worry, my sister; he will return safe and sound, and your eyes will see him. (Tobit 5, 20)

  • Then Raguel said to his wife Edna, "How much the young man resembles my cousin Tobit!" (Tobit 7, 2)

  • So he said to them, "Do you know our brother Tobit?" And they said, "Yes, we do." And he asked them, "Is he in good health?" (Tobit 7, 4)

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