Talált 118 Eredmények: seized

  • But when they turned from the path he had marked out for them some were exterminated in a series of battles, others were taken captive to a foreign land. The Temple of their God was rased to the ground and their towns were seized by their enemies. (Judith 5, 18)

  • He reconnoitred the slopes leading up to the town, located the water-points, seized them and posted pickets over them and returned to the main body. (Judith 7, 7)

  • Accordingly, a troop of Moabites moved forward with a further five thousand Assyrians. They penetrated the valley and seized the Israelites' waterpoints and springs. (Judith 7, 17)

  • Judith came in and took her place. The heart of Holofernes was ravished at the sight; his very soul was stirred. He was seized with a violent desire to sleep with her; and indeed since the first day he saw her, he had been waiting for an opportunity to seduce her. (Judith 12, 16)

  • The Assyrians will gather up their equipment, make for their camp and wake up their commanders; they in turn will rush to the tent of Holofernes and not be able to find him. They will then be seized with panic and flee at your advance. (Judith 14, 3)

  • They lifted him up. He then threw himself at Judith's feet and, prostrate before her, exclaimed: May you be blessed in all the tents of Judah and in every nation; those who hear your name will be seized with dread! (Judith 14, 7)

  • The Israelites returning from the slaughter seized what was left. The hamlets and villages of the mountain country and the plain also captured a great deal of booty, since there were vast stores of it. (Judith 15, 7)

  • These were struck with fear when my lowly ones raised the war cry, these were seized with terror when my weak ones shouted, and when they raised their voices these gave ground. (Judith 16, 11)

  • Trembling seized them on the spot, pains like those of a woman in labour; (Psalms 48, 6)

  • [For the choirmaster Tune: 'The oppression of distant princes' Of David In a quiet voice When the Philistines seized him in Gath] Take pity on me, God, as they harry me, pressing their attacks home all day. (Psalms 56, 1)

  • Egypt was glad at their leaving, for terror of Israel had seized them. (Psalms 105, 38)

  • He made off with the silver and gold and precious vessels; he discovered the secret treasures and seized them (1 Maccabees 1, 23)

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