Talált 54 Eredmények: Sackcloth

  • Tearing his clothes and putting sackcloth round his waist, Jacob mourned his son for many days. (Genesis 37, 34)

  • David then said to Joab and the whole company with him, 'Tear your clothes, put on sackcloth, and mourn over Abner,' and King David walked behind the bier. (2 Samuel 3, 31)

  • 'Look,' his servants said to him, 'we have heard that the kings of Israel are faithful and kind kings. Let us put sackcloth round our waists and cords round our heads and go out to the king of Israel; perhaps he will spare your life.' (1 Kings 20, 31)

  • So they wrapped sackcloth round their waists and put cords round their heads and went to the king of Israel, and said, 'Your servant Ben-Hadad says, "Spare my life." ' (1 Kings 20, 32)

  • When Ahab heard these words, he tore his garments and put sackcloth next to his skin and fasted; he slept in the sackcloth; he walked with slow steps. (1 Kings 21, 27)

  • On hearing the woman's words, the king tore his clothes; the king was walking on the wall, and the people saw that underneath he was wearing sackcloth next his body. (2 Kings 6, 30)

  • On hearing this, King Hezekiah tore his clothes, put on sackcloth and went to the Temple of Yahweh. (2 Kings 19, 1)

  • He sent Eliakim master of the palace, Shebnah the secretary and the elders of the priests, wearing sackcloth, to the prophet Isaiah son of Amoz. (2 Kings 19, 2)

  • David, raising his eyes, saw the angel of Yahweh standing between earth and heaven, a drawn sword in his hand stretched out towards Jerusalem. David and the elders then put on sackcloth and fell on their faces, (1 Chronicles 21, 16)

  • On the twenty-fourth day of this month the Israelites, in sackcloth and with dust on their heads, assembled for a fast. (Nehemiah 9, 1)

  • They, their wives, their children, their cattle, all their resident aliens, hired or slave, wrapped sackcloth round their loins. (Judith 4, 10)

  • They draped the altar itself in sackcloth and fervently joined together in begging the God of Israel not to let their children be carried off, their wives distributed as booty, the towns of their heritage destroyed, the Temple profaned and desecrated for the heathen to gloat over. (Judith 4, 12)

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