Talált 159 Eredmények: waters

  • For the mountains with the waters will be shaken to their foundations, the rocks will melt like wax before you, but to those who fear you you will always show mercy. (Judith 16, 15)

  • My brothers have been fickle, like the flowing of seasonal waters. (Job 6, 15)

  • You will forget your suffering and recall it only as waters gone by. (Job 11, 16)

  • The waters of the sea may disappear, rivers drain away, (Job 14, 11)

  • as waters wear away stones and floods wash away the soil, so you destroy the hope of man. (Job 14, 19)

  • A flood will sweep away his house, the waters of God's wrath. (Job 20, 28)

  • The wicked are foam on the face of the waters; their portion of the land is cursed, and no one goes to their vineyards. (Job 24, 18)

  • The shades of the deep are terrified, the waters and their inhabitants tremble. (Job 26, 5)

  • He wraps up the waters in his clouds, yet the clouds do not burst their seams. (Job 26, 8)

  • On the face of the waters he draws the horizon as a boundary between light and darkness. (Job 26, 10)

  • when he gave the wind its force and measured out the waters, (Job 28, 25)

  • The breath of God forms ice, and the broad waters become frozen. (Job 37, 10)

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