Talált 259 Eredmények: ground

  • You place them on slippery ground and make them fall into the pit. (Psalms 73, 18)

  • They said in fury, "Let us destroy them all." They razed to the ground all the shrines of God in the land. (Psalms 74, 8)

  • On the ground that you cleared, it took root, and filled the land. (Psalms 80, 10)

  • they perished at Endor and became dung for the ground. (Psalms 83, 11)

  • You have wrenched the scepter from his hand and flung his throne to the ground. (Psalms 89, 45)

  • The enemy has pursued me, crushing my life to the ground, sending me to darkness with those long dead. (Psalms 143, 3)

  • The Lord lifts up the humble, but casts the wicked to the ground. (Psalms 147, 6)

  • while others prostrated themselves on the ground. They sounded the trumpets and cried aloud to Heaven. (1 Maccabees 4, 40)

  • It was touching to see such a crowd prostrate in disarray on the ground and the High Priest in great anguish. (2 Maccabees 3, 21)

  • Heliodorus fell to the ground, enveloped in great darkness; then his men took him up and put him on a stretcher. (2 Maccabees 3, 27)

  • Having done all this they threw themselves flat on the ground and asked the Lord not to send them such calamities anymore. But if they should sin again, they asked that he would correct them with gentleness and not hand them over again into the hands of blasphemous and ferocious foreigners. (2 Maccabees 10, 4)

  • At the sight of the first battalion of Judas, terror and panic seized their enemies because of an apparition of Him who sees all things. They fled in all directions, so that they were dragged on the ground by their own companions and wounded by their own swords. (2 Maccabees 12, 22)

“Há duas razões principais para se orar com muita satisfação: primeiro para render a Deus a honra e a glória que Lhe são devidas. Segundo, para falar com São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina