Talált 116 Eredmények: virtue

  • All the people who were at the gate, along with the eldest, answered, “We are witnesses. May the Lord make this woman, who enters into your house, like Rachel, and Leah, who built up the house of Israel, so that she may be an example of virtue in Ephrathah, and so that her name may be honored in Bethlehem. (Ruth 4, 11)

  • Seek the Lord and his virtue. Seek his face always. (1 Chronicles 16, 11)

  • Yours is wealth, and yours is glory. You have dominion over all things. In your hand is virtue and power. In your hand is greatness and authority over all things. (1 Chronicles 29, 12)

  • I did not believe those who described it, until I had arrived and my eyes had seen, and I had proven that not even half of your wisdom had been described to me. You have exceeded your fame with your virtue. (2 Chronicles 9, 6)

  • Give me constancy in my soul, so that I may hold him in contempt, and give me virtue, so that I may overthrow him. (Judith 9, 14)

  • And also, the Lord conferred upon her a splendor. For all this dressing up did not proceed from sensuality, but from virtue. And therefore, the Lord increased this, her beauty, so that she appeared with incomparable honor before the eyes of all. (Judith 10, 4)

  • So, not questioning her at all, they dismissed her to go forth, saying: “May the God of our fathers give you grace, and may he strengthen all the advice of your heart with his virtue, so that Jerusalem may glory over you, and your name may be counted among the holy and the just.” (Judith 10, 8)

  • O Adonai, O Lord, you are great, and splendor is in your virtue, and no one is able to overcome you. (Judith 16, 16)

  • For chastity was one with her virtue, so that she did not know man all the days of her life, after the passing away of her husband, Manasseh. (Judith 16, 26)

  • It is God who has wrapped me with virtue and made my way immaculate. (Psalms 17, 33)

  • And you have wrapped me with virtue for the battle. And those rising up against me, you have subdued under me. (Psalms 17, 40)

  • In your virtue, Lord, the king will rejoice, and over your salvation, he will exult exceedingly. (Psalms 20, 2)

“O meu passado, Senhor, à Tua misericórdia. O meu Presente, ao Teu amor. O meu futuro, à Tua Providência.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina