Talált 242 Eredmények: testimony

  • But he said, “You will receive seven female lambs from my hand, so that they may be a testimony for me, that I dug this well.” (Genesis 21, 30)

  • Come, therefore, let us enter into a pact, so that it may be a testimony between me and you.” (Genesis 31, 44)

  • And Laban called it, ‘Tomb of Witness,’ and Jacob, ‘Pile of Testimony;’ each of them according to the fitness of his own language. (Genesis 31, 47)

  • will be a witness. This tomb,” I say, “and the stone, they are for testimony, in case either I cross beyond it going toward you, or you cross beyond it thinking to harm me. (Genesis 31, 52)

  • You shall not speak false testimony against your neighbor. (Exodus 20, 16)

  • “You shall not accept a lying voice. Neither shall you join your hand so as to give false testimony on behalf on the impious. (Exodus 23, 1)

  • And you shall place the testimony, which I will give to you, in the ark. (Exodus 25, 16)

  • in which you will place the testimony that I will give to you. (Exodus 25, 21)

  • From there, I will warn you and speak to you, above the propitiatory and from the middle of the two Cherubim, which will be over the ark of the testimony, about everything that I will command of the sons of Israel through you. (Exodus 25, 22)

  • Then the veil shall be inserted through the rings. Beyond the veil, you shall place the ark of the testimony, where both the Sanctuary and the Sanctuary of Sanctuaries shall be divided. (Exodus 26, 33)

  • And you shall place the propitiatory over the ark of the testimony, in the Holy of Holies. (Exodus 26, 34)

  • in the tabernacle of the testimony, outside of the veil that enshrouds the testimony. And Aaron and his sons shall arrange it, so that it may give light in the presence of the Lord, until morning. This shall be a perpetual observance among the sons of Israel, throughout their successions.” (Exodus 27, 21)

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