Talált 119 Eredmények: confounded

  • Esau, having heard his father’s words, roared out with a great outcry. And, being confounded, he said, “But bless me also, my father.” (Genesis 27, 34)

  • And so it may be that, when the Jubilee of remission, that is, the fiftieth year, has arrived, the distribution by lots shall be confounded, and the possession of the one shall be transferred to others.” (Numbers 36, 4)

  • Therefore, Jonathan rose up from the table in a rage of anger. And he did not eat bread on the second day after the new moon. For he was saddened over David, because his father had confounded him. (1 Samuel 20, 34)

  • And whoever may settle in these, they have trembled, with a weak hand, and they have been confounded. They have become like the hay of the field, and like weeds sprouting on the rooftops, which dry up before they reached maturity. (2 Kings 19, 26)

  • And I said: “My God, I am confounded and ashamed to lift up my face to you. For our iniquities have been multiplied over our heads, and our offenses have increased, even up to heaven, (Ezra 9, 6)

  • For the Lord is with the just generation. You have confounded the counsel of the needy because the Lord is his hope. (Psalms 13, 9)

  • They cried out to you, and they were saved. In you, they hoped and were not confounded. (Psalms 21, 6)

  • And do not let my enemies laugh at me. For all who remain with you will not be confounded. (Psalms 24, 3)

  • May all those who act unjustly over nothing be confounded. O Lord, demonstrate your ways to me, and teach me your paths. (Psalms 24, 4)

  • In you, Lord, I have hoped; let me never be confounded. In your justice, deliver me. (Psalms 30, 2)

  • Do not let me be confounded, Lord, for I have called upon you. Let the impious be ashamed and be drawn down into Hell. (Psalms 30, 18)

  • Approach him and be enlightened, and your faces will not be confounded. (Psalms 33, 6)

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