Talált 23 Eredmények: assisted

  • and to place blame for the crime of the killing of the seventy sons of Jerubbaal, and for the shedding of their blood, upon Abimelech, their brother, and upon the rest of the leaders of the Shechemites, who assisted him. (Judges 9, 24)

  • And David positioned a garrison in Syria of Damascus. And Syria served David under tribute. And the Lord assisted David in all things whatsoever that he set out to accomplish. (2 Samuel 8, 6)

  • And he positioned guards in Edom, and he stationed a garrison. And all of Edom was made to serve David. And the Lord assisted David in all things whatsoever that he set out to accomplish. (2 Samuel 8, 14)

  • king Rehoboam took counsel with the elders who had assisted before his father Solomon while he was still living. And he said, “What counsel do you give to me, so that I may respond to this people?” (1 Kings 12, 6)

  • These are the leaders of the strong men of David, who assisted him, so that he would become king over all of Israel, in accord with the word of the Lord, which he spoke to Israel. (1 Chronicles 11, 10)

  • And when God had assisted the Levites, who were carrying the ark of the covenant of the Lord, they immolated seven bulls and seven rams. (1 Chronicles 15, 26)

  • And he stationed soldiers in Damascus, so that Syria also would serve him, and would offer gifts. And the Lord assisted him in all the things to which he went forth. (1 Chronicles 18, 6)

  • And so, when the leaders of the horsemen had seen Jehoshaphat, they said, “This one is the king of Israel.” And while fighting, they surrounded him. But he cried out to the Lord, and he assisted him, and he turned them away from him. (2 Chronicles 18, 31)

  • Truly, the priests were few; neither were they sufficient to remove the pelts from the holocausts. Therefore, the Levites, their brothers, also assisted them, until the work was completed, and the priests, who were of higher rank, were sanctified. For indeed, the Levites are sanctified with an easier ritual than the priests. (2 Chronicles 29, 34)

  • And all those who were all around assisted their hands with vessels of silver and gold, with goods and cattle, with equipment, in addition to whatever they had offered freely. (Ezra 1, 6)

  • And so Jonathan, the son of Asahel, and Jahzeiah, the son of Tikvah, were appointed over this, and the Levites Meshullam and Shabbethai assisted them. (Ezra 10, 15)

  • the daughters of kings in your honor. The queen assisted at your right hand, in clothing of gold, encircled with diversity. (Psalms 44, 10)

A humildade e a caridade são as “cordas mestras”. Todas as outras virtudes dependem delas. Uma é a mais baixa; a outra é a mais alta. ( P.e Pio ) São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina