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  • And he was very rich in possession of gold and silver. (Genesis 13, 2)

  • Thou hadst but little before I came to thee, and now thou art become rich: and the Lord hath blessed thee at my coming. It is reasonable therefore that I should now provide also for my own house. (Genesis 30, 30)

  • For they were exceeding rich, and could not dwell together: neither was the land in which they sojourned able to bear them, for the multitude of their flocks. (Genesis 36, 7)

  • The rich man shall not add to half a sicle, and the poor man shall diminish nothing. (Exodus 30, 15)

  • So the five men going on came to Lais: and they saw how the people dwelt therein without any fear, according to the custom of the Sidonians, secure and easy, having no man at all to oppose them, being very rich, and living separated, at a distance from Sidon and from all men. (Judges 18, 7)

  • Arise, and let us go up to them: for we have seen the land which is exceeding rich and fruitful: neglect not, lose no time: let us go and possess it, there will be no difficulty. (Judges 18, 9)

  • Now her husband Elimelech had a kinsman, a powerful man, and very rich, whose name was Booz. (Ruth 2, 1)

  • And he said: Blessed art thou of the Lord, my daughter, and thy latter kindness has surpassed the former: because thou hast not followed young men either poor or rich. (Ruth 3, 10)

  • The Lord maketh poor and maketh rich, he humbleth and he exalteth. (1 Samuel 2, 7)

  • And the Lord sent Nathan to David: and when he was come to him, he said to him: There were two men in one city, the one rich, and the other poor. (2 Samuel 12, 1)

  • The rich man had exceeding many sheep and oxen. (2 Samuel 12, 2)

  • And when a certain stranger was come to the rich man, he spared to take of his own sheep and oxen, to make a feast for that stranger, who was come to him, but took the poor man's ewe, and dressed it for the man that was come to him. (2 Samuel 12, 4)

“Não nos preocupemos quando Deus põe à prova a nossa fidelidade. Confiemo-nos à Sua vontade; é o que podemos fazer. Deus nos libertará, consolará e enorajará.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina