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  • And he said, "Cursed be Canaan! He shall be his brothers' meanest slave!" (Genesis 9, 25)

  • He then added: "Blessed be Yahweh, God of Shem, let Canaan be his slave! (Genesis 9, 26)

  • May God extend (the territory of) Japheth, and may he live in the tents of Shem! And may Canaan be his slave!" (Genesis 9, 27)

  • You have given me no children, so a slave of mine will be my heir." (Genesis 15, 3)

  • and she said to Abraham, "Send this slave girl and her son away; the child of this slave must not share the inheritance with my son, Isaac." (Genesis 21, 10)

  • Laban gave his slave girl Zilpah to Leah to be her maid. (Genesis 29, 24)

  • Laban gave Rachel his slave girl, Bilhah, to be her maidservant. (Genesis 29, 29)

  • The sons by Bilhah, Rachel's slave girl: Dan and Naphtali. (Genesis 35, 25)

  • The sons by Zilpah, Leah's slave girl: Gad and Asher. These were the sons born to Jacob in Paddanaram. (Genesis 35, 26)

  • She then told her story, "That Hebrew slave of yours came to make sport of me, (Genesis 39, 17)

  • "Very well then," he said, "it will be as you say. The one who is found to have the cup will become my master's slave; the rest of you will go free." (Genesis 44, 10)

  • But Joseph said, "Far be it from me to do that. Only the man found to have the cup will be my slave. As for the rest, go back in peace to your father." (Genesis 44, 17)

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