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  • from the day on which you stood before the Lord your God at Horeb, when the Lord spoke to me, saying: ‘Gather the people to me, so that they may listen to my words, and may learn to fear me, throughout all the time that they are alive on earth, and so that they may teach their children.’ (Deuteronomy 4, 10)

  • And the Lord spoke to you from the midst of fire. You heard the voice of his words, but you did not see any form at all. (Deuteronomy 4, 12)

  • And he revealed his covenant to you, which he instructed you to carry out, and the ten words which he wrote on two tablets of stone. (Deuteronomy 4, 13)

  • And the Lord became angry against me because of your words, and he swore that I would not cross over the Jordan, nor enter into the excellent land, which he will give to you. (Deuteronomy 4, 21)

  • He has caused you to hear his voice from heaven, so that he might teach you. And he showed you his exceedingly great fire on earth, and you heard his words from the midst of the fire. (Deuteronomy 4, 36)

  • I was the mediator, for I was in the middle between the Lord and you, at that time, to announce his words to you. For you were afraid of the fire, and so you did not ascend to the mountain. And he said: (Deuteronomy 5, 5)

  • The Lord spoke these words to the entire multitude of you on the mountain, from the midst of the fire and the cloud and the darkness, with a loud voice, adding nothing more. And he wrote them on two tablets of stone, which he delivered to me. (Deuteronomy 5, 22)

  • But when the Lord had heard this, he said to me: ‘I have heard the voice of the words of this people, which they spoke to you. All this, they have spoken well. (Deuteronomy 5, 28)

  • And these words, which I instruct to you this day, shall be in your heart. (Deuteronomy 6, 6)

  • And the Lord gave me two tablets of stone, written with the finger of God and containing all the words that he spoke to you on the mountain from the midst of fire, while the people, being stirred up, were assembled together. (Deuteronomy 9, 10)

  • And I will write on the tablets the words which were on those that you broke before, and you shall place them in the ark.’ (Deuteronomy 10, 2)

  • And he wrote on the tablets, according to that which he had written before, the ten words, which the Lord spoke to you on the mountain from the midst of fire, when the people were assembled. And he gave them to me. (Deuteronomy 10, 4)

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