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  • You will be over my house, and to the authority of your mouth, all the people will show obedience. Only in one way, in the throne of the kingdom, will I go before you.” (Genesis 41, 40)

  • If a man produces a disobedient and reckless son, who will not listen to the orders of his father or mother, and, having been corrected, shows contempt for obedience: (Deuteronomy 21, 18)

  • And Samuel said: “Does the Lord want holocausts and victims, and not instead that the voice of the Lord should be obeyed? For obedience is better than sacrifice. And to heed is greater than to offer the fat of rams. (1 Samuel 15, 22)

  • The mind of the just meditates on obedience. The mouth of the impious overflows with evils. (Proverbs 15, 28)

  • Guard your foot, when you step into the house of God, and draw near, so that you may listen. For obedience is much better than the sacrifices of the foolish, who do not know the evil that they are doing. (Ecclesiastes 4, 17)

  • The sons of wisdom are the Church of the just: and their generation is obedience and love. (Ecclesiasticus 3, 1)

  • through whom we have received grace and Apostleship, for the sake of his name, for the obedience of faith among all the Gentiles, (Romans 1, 5)

  • For, just as through the disobedience of one man, many were established as sinners, so also through the obedience of one man, many shall be established as just. (Romans 5, 19)

  • Do you not know to whom you are offering yourselves as servants under obedience? You are the servants of whomever you obey: whether of sin, unto death, or of obedience, unto justice. (Romans 6, 16)

  • So I dare not speak of any of those things which Christ does not effect through me, unto the obedience of the Gentiles, in word and deed, (Romans 15, 18)

  • But your obedience has been made known in every place. And so, I rejoice in you. But I want you to be wise in what is good, and simple in what is evil. (Romans 16, 19)

  • (which now has been made clear through the Scriptures of the Prophets, in accord with the precept of the eternal God, unto the obedience of faith) which has been made known among all the Gentiles: (Romans 16, 26)

“Que Maria seja toda a razão da sua existência e o guie ao porto seguro da eterna salvação. Que Ela lhe sirva de doce modelo e inspiração na virtude da santa humildade.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina