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  • Those who serve her will yield to what is holy. And God loves those who love wisdom. (Ecclesiasticus 4, 15)

  • If you incline your ear, you will receive doctrine. And if you love to listen, you will be wise. (Ecclesiasticus 6, 34)

  • Do not love a lie against your brother, nor should you act the same toward your friend. (Ecclesiasticus 7, 13)

  • With all your strength, love him who made you, and you should not abandon his ministers. (Ecclesiasticus 7, 32)

  • Do not let yourself be slow to visit the sick. For in this way, you will be confirmed in love. (Ecclesiasticus 7, 39)

  • You should not hold counsel with the foolish. For they are not able to love anything except what pleases them. (Ecclesiasticus 8, 20)

  • There is nothing more iniquitous than to love money. For such a one has sold even his own soul. For in his life, he casts aside his innermost being. (Ecclesiasticus 10, 10)

  • Wisdom, and discipline, and knowledge of the law are with God. Love and the ways of good things are with him. (Ecclesiasticus 11, 15)

  • Love God for your entire life, and call upon him for your salvation. (Ecclesiasticus 13, 18)

  • The Lord hates all abominable error, and those who fear him will not love such things. (Ecclesiasticus 15, 13)

  • I am the mother of the beauty of love, and of fear, and of knowledge, and of holy hope. (Ecclesiasticus 24, 24)

  • the harmony of brothers, and the love of neighbors, and a husband and wife agreeing well together. (Ecclesiasticus 25, 2)

“É preciso amar, amar e nada mais”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina