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  • Then the chief cupbearer told Joseph his dream. "In my dream," he said, "I saw a vine in front of me, (Genesis 40, 9)

  • and on the vine were three branches. It had barely budded when its blossoms came out, and its clusters ripened into grapes. (Genesis 40, 10)

  • He tethers his donkey to the vine, his purebred ass to the choicest stem. In wine he washes his garments his robe in the blood of grapes. (Genesis 49, 11)

  • As long as he is a nazirite he shall not eat anything of the produce of the vine; not even unripe grapes or grapeskins. (Numbers 6, 4)

  • Then the trees said to the vine, 'Come you, and reign over us.' (Judges 9, 12)

  • But the vine answered them, 'Must I give up my wine that cheers gods and men, and go to wave over the trees?' (Judges 9, 13)

  • She must not eat anything that comes from the vine, nor take wine or strong drink, nor eat anything unclean. Let her observe all that I have commanded her." (Judges 13, 14)

  • Thus Judah and Israel lived in security, every man under his vine or under his fig tree from Dan to Beer-sheba, as long as Solomon lived. (1 Kings 5, 5)

  • Someone went out into the field to gather herbs and found a wild vine, from which he picked a clothful of wild gourds. On his return he cut them up into the pot of vegetable stew without anybody's knowing it. (2 Kings 4, 39)

  • Do not listen to Hezekiah, for the king of Assyria says: Make peace with me and surrender! Then each of you will eat of his own vine and of his own fig-tree, and drink the water of his own cistern, (2 Kings 18, 31)

  • He shall be like a vine that sheds its grapes unripened, and like an olive tree casting off its bloom. (Job 15, 33)

  • He builds his house as of cobwebs, or like a booth put up by the vine-keeper. (Job 27, 18)

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