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  • That you seek for guilt in me and search after my sins, (Job 10, 6)

  • What are my faults and my sins? My misdeeds and my sins make known to me! (Job 13, 23)

  • Had I, out of human weakness, hidden my sins and buried my guilt in my bosom (Job 31, 33)

  • Then he makes known to them what they have done and their sins of boastful pride. (Job 36, 9)

  • Declare them guilty, God; make them fall by their own devices. Drive them out for their many sins; they have rebelled against you. (Psalms 5, 11)

  • But from willful sins keep your servant; let them never control me. Then shall I be blameless, innocent of grave sin. (Psalms 19, 14)

  • Remember no more the sins of my youth; remember me only in light of your love. (Psalms 25, 7)

  • Put an end to my affliction and suffering; take away all my sins. (Psalms 25, 18)

  • From all my sins deliver me; let me not be the taunt of fools. (Psalms 39, 9)

  • For all about me are evils beyond count; my sins so overcome me I cannot see. They are more than the hairs of my head; my courage fails me. (Psalms 40, 13)

  • Turn away your face from my sins; blot out all my guilt. (Psalms 51, 11)

  • with its burden of wicked deeds. We are overcome by our sins; only you can pardon them. (Psalms 65, 4)

“Que Maria seja toda a razão da sua existência e o guie ao porto seguro da eterna salvação. Que Ela lhe sirva de doce modelo e inspiração na virtude da santa humildade.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina