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  • yet they would have me believe that night is day, that light to dispel the darkness is at hand, (Job 17, 12)

  • The light of the wicked must certainly be put out, the lamp that gives him light cease to shine. (Job 18, 5)

  • In his tent the light is dimmed, the lamp that shone on him is snuffed. (Job 18, 6)

  • Driven from the light into the darkness, he is banished from the world, (Job 18, 18)

  • When he has everything he needs, want will seize him, and misery will light on him with all its force. (Job 20, 22)

  • Do we often see the light of the wicked put out, or disaster overtake him, or the retribution of God destroy his possessions, (Job 21, 17)

  • if light has turned to darkness, so that you cannot see, and you have been submerged in the flood. (Job 22, 11)

  • Whatever you undertake will go well, and light will shine on your path; (Job 22, 28)

  • In contrast, there are those who reject the light: who know nothing of its ways and who do not frequent its paths. (Job 24, 13)

  • The eye of the adulterer watches for twilight, 'No one will see me,' he mutters as he masks his face.In the daytime they keep out of sight, these people who do not want to know the light. (Job 24, 15)

  • He has traced a ring on the surface of the waters, at the boundary between light and dark. (Job 25, 10)

  • He explores the sources of rivers, bringing hidden things to light. (Job 28, 11)

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