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  • But come, and I will send thee to Pharao, that thou mayst bring forth my people, the children of Israel out of Egypt. (Exodus 3, 10)

  • And he said to him: I will be with thee: and this thou shalt have for a sign, that I have sent thee: When thou shalt have brought my people out of Egypt, thou shalt offer sacrifice to God upon this mountain. (Exodus 3, 12)

  • And I will give favour to this people, in the sight of the Egyptians: and when you go forth, you shall not depart empty: (Exodus 3, 21)

  • He shall speak in thy stead to the people, and shall be thy mouth: but thou shalt be to him in those things that pertain to God. (Exodus 4, 16)

  • And the Lord said to him as he was returning into Egypt: See that thou do all the wonders before Pharao, which I have put in thy hand: I shall harden his heart, and he will not let the people go. (Exodus 4, 21)

  • And Aaron spoke all the words which the Lord had said to Moses: and he wrought the signs before the people, (Exodus 4, 30)

  • And the people believed. And they heard that the Lord had visited the children of Israel: and that he had looked upon their affliction: and falling down they adored. (Exodus 4, 31)

  • After these things Moses and Aaron went in, and said to Pharao: Thus saith the Lord God of Israel: Let my people go that they may sacrifice to me in the desert. (Exodus 5, 1)

  • The king of Egypt said to them: Why do you Moses and Aaron draw off the people from their works? Get you gone to your burdens. (Exodus 5, 4)

  • And Pharao said: The people of the land is numerous: you see that the multitude is increased: how much more if you give them rest from their works? (Exodus 5, 5)

  • Therefore he commanded the same day the overseers of the works, and the taskmasters of the people, saying: (Exodus 5, 6)

  • You shall give straw no more to the people to make brick, as before: but let them go and gather straw. (Exodus 5, 7)

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