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  • As soon as Laban heard the news about Jacob being his sister's son, he ran to meet him; and after embracing and kissing him he brought him into his house. Jacob told Laban all that had happened (Genesis 29, 13)

  • He wept so loudly that the Egyptians heard and the news spread through Pharaoh's house. (Genesis 45, 2)

  • The news spread through Pharaoh's house, "Joseph's brothers are here," and the news pleased both Pharaoh and his officials. (Genesis 45, 16)

  • After that Joseph said to his brothers and all his father's family, "I will go and give the news to Pharaoh and tell him that my brothers and my father's family who were in the land of Canaan have come to me. (Genesis 46, 31)

  • The news has frightened us, and everyone has lost courage because of you, for Yahweh, your God, is God in heaven above as he is on earth below. (Joshua 2, 11)

  • At this news the children of Israel summoned the whole community at Shiloh, ready to make war on them. (Joshua 22, 12)

  • they were asked, "What news do you bring?" They answered, "Come on, let us go and attack them for the country we have seen is an excellent place. But why are you silent? Do not delay in setting out to conquer the land. (Judges 18, 9)

  • No, my sons, what I hear from the pilgrims of Yahweh's people is really bad news for me. (1 Samuel 2, 24)

  • When this man arrived, Eli was on his seat by the road, watching, for his heart trembled for what might happen to the ark of God. When the people heard the news the man brought, all the city cried out. (1 Samuel 4, 13)

  • So the messengers went to Gibeah of Saul, breaking the news to the people. And all the people wept aloud. (1 Samuel 11, 4)

  • And the news spread throughout Israel, "Saul has killed the Philistine governor and now Israel is at war with them." And they called everyone out to join Saul at Gilgal. (1 Samuel 13, 4)

  • They cut off his head and stripped off his armor and then sent messengers throughout the Philistine lands to proclaim this good news in the temples of their idols and among the people. (1 Samuel 31, 9)

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