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  • These are the sons of Ham in their kindred, and tongues, and generations, and lands, and nations. (Genesis 10, 20)

  • And they said: “Come, let us make a city and a tower, so that its height may reach to heaven. And let us make our name famous before we are divided into all the lands.” (Genesis 11, 4)

  • And so the Lord divided them from that place into all the lands, and they ceased to build the city. (Genesis 11, 8)

  • Therefore, Joseph said to the people: “So, as you discern, both you and your lands are possessed by Pharaoh; take seed and sow the fields, (Genesis 47, 23)

  • Now the sons of Ruben and of Gad had many herds, and their substance in cattle was inestimable. And when they had seen that the lands of Jazer and Gilead were suitable for feeding animals, (Numbers 32, 1)

  • For it is not because of your justices or the uprightness of your heart that you will enter, so that you may possess their lands. Instead, it is because they have acted wickedly that they are destroyed upon your arrival, and so that the Lord may accomplish his word, which he promised under oath to your fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. (Deuteronomy 9, 5)

  • Which ones among all the gods of the lands have rescued their region from my hand, so that the Lord would be able to rescue Jerusalem from my hand?” (2 Kings 18, 35)

  • For you yourself have heard what the kings of the Assyrians have done to all the lands, the manner in which they have laid waste to them. Therefore, how would you alone be able to be freed? (2 Kings 19, 11)

  • Truly, O Lord, the kings of the Assyrians have devastated all peoples and lands. (2 Kings 19, 17)

  • concerning his entire reign and strength, and the times that passed under him, both in Israel and in all the kingdoms of the lands. (1 Chronicles 29, 30)

  • apart from the sum that the legates of various nations and the merchants were accustomed to bring, and apart from the gold and silver that all the kings of Arabia, and the princes of the lands, were bringing together for Solomon. (2 Chronicles 9, 14)

  • And all the kings of the lands were desiring to see the face of Solomon, so that they might hear the wisdom that God had granted to his heart. (2 Chronicles 9, 23)

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