Löydetty 374 Tulokset: servants

  • therefore thus says the Lord GOD: Lo, my servants shall eat, but you shall go hungry; My servants shall drink, but you shall be thirsty; My servants shall rejoice, but you shall be put to shame; (Isaiah 65, 13)

  • My servants shall shout for joy of heart, But you shall cry out for grief of heart and howl for anguish of spirit. (Isaiah 65, 14)

  • The Lord GOD shall slay you, and the name you leave Shall be used by my chosen ones for cursing; but my servants shall be called by another name (Isaiah 65, 15)

  • When you see this, your heart shall rejoice, and your bodies flourish like the grass; The LORD'S power shall be known to his servants, but to his enemies, his wrath. (Isaiah 66, 14)

  • From the day that your fathers left the land of Egypt even to this day, I have sent you untiringly all my servants the prophets. (Jeremiah 7, 25)

  • The nobles send their servants for water, but when they come to the cisterns They find no water and return with empty jars. Ashamed, despairing, they cover their heads (Jeremiah 14, 3)

  • Though you refused to listen or pay heed, the LORD has sent you without fail all his servants the prophets (Jeremiah 25, 4)

  • Pharaoh, king of Egypt, and his servants, his princes, all the people under him, native (Jeremiah 25, 19)

  • and not listening to the words of my servants the prophets, whom I send you constantly though you do not obey them, (Jeremiah 26, 5)

  • For they did not listen to my words, says the LORD, though I kept sending them my servants the prophets, only to have them go unheeded, says the LORD. (Jeremiah 29, 19)

  • All the princes and the others who entered the agreement consented to set free their male and female servants, so that they should be slaves no longer. But though they agreed and freed them, (Jeremiah 34, 10)

  • I kept sending you all my servants the prophets, telling you to turn back, all of you, from your evil way; to reform your conduct, and not follow strange gods or serve them, if you would remain on the land which I gave you and your fathers; but you did not heed me or obey me. (Jeremiah 35, 15)

“Não abandone sua alma à tentação, diz o Espírito Santo, já que a alegria do coração é a vida da alma e uma fonte inexaurível de santidade.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina