Löydetty 216 Tulokset: justice

  • The Almighty! we cannot discover him, pre-eminent in power and judgment; his great justice owes no one an accounting. (Job 37, 23)

  • Guide me in your justice because of my foes; make straight your way before me. (Psalms 5, 9)

  • O LORD, judge of the nations. Grant me justice, LORD, for I am blameless, free of any guilt. (Psalms 7, 9)

  • Bring the malice of the wicked to an end; uphold the innocent, O God of justice, who tries hearts and minds. (Psalms 7, 10)

  • I praise the justice of the LORD; I celebrate the name of the LORD Most High. (Psalms 7, 18)

  • It is God who governs the world with justice, who judges the peoples with fairness. (Psalms 9, 9)

  • You win justice for the orphaned and oppressed; no one on earth will cause terror again. (Psalms 10, 18)

  • A prayer of David. Hear, LORD, my plea for justice; pay heed to my cry; Listen to my prayer spoken without guile. (Psalms 17, 1)

  • They will receive blessings from the LORD, and justice from their saving God. (Psalms 24, 5)

  • Of David. Grant me justice, LORD! I have walked without blame. In the LORD I have trusted; I have not faltered. (Psalms 26, 1)

  • In you, LORD, I take refuge; let me never be put to shame. In your justice deliver me; (Psalms 31, 2)

  • The LORD loves justice and right and fills the earth with goodness. (Psalms 33, 5)

Como distinguir uma tentação de um pecado e como estar certo de que não se pecou? – perguntou um penitente. Padre Pio sorriu e respondeu: “Como se distingue um burro de um homem? O burro tem de ser conduzido; o homem conduz a si mesmo!” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina