Löydetty 34 Tulokset: beneath

  • He shakes the earth out of its place, and the pillars beneath it tremble. (Job 9, 6)

  • He is God and he does not relent; the helpers of Rahab bow beneath him. (Job 9, 13)

  • The shades beneath writhe in terror, the waters, and their inhabitants. (Job 26, 5)

  • Why draw back your right hand, why keep it idle beneath your cloak? (Psalms 74, 11)

  • For when the lawless thought to enslave the holy nation, shackled with darkness, fettered by the long night, they lay confined beneath their own roofs as exiles from the eternal providence. (Wisdom of Solomon 17, 2)

  • Nothing was beyond his power; beneath him flesh was brought back into life. (Ecclesiasticus 48, 13)

  • Lest it sink beneath the captive or fall beneath the slain? For all this, his wrath is not turned back, his hand is still outstretched! (Isaiah 10, 4)

  • Down to the nether world your pomp is brought, the music of your harps. The couch beneath you is the maggot, your covering, the worm." (Isaiah 14, 11)

  • Thus shall you say of them: Let the gods that did not make heaven and earth perish from the earth, and from beneath these heavens! (Jeremiah 10, 11)

  • Beneath the firmament their wings were stretched out, one toward the other. (Each of them had two covering his body.) (Ezekiel 1, 23)

  • Then shall they know that I am the LORD, when their slain shall lie amid their idols, all about their altars, on every high hill and mountaintop, beneath every green tree and leafy oak, wherever they offered appeasing odors to any of their gods. (Ezekiel 6, 13)

  • these were the living creatures I had seen beneath the God of Israel by the river Chebar, whom I now recognized to be cherubim. (Ezekiel 10, 20)

“Todas as pessoas que escolhem a melhor parte (viver em Cristo) devem passar pelas dores de Cristo; algumas mais, algumas menos…” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina