Löydetty 56 Tulokset: staff

  • I am unworthy of all the faithful love and constancy you have shown your servant. I had only my staff when I crossed this Jordan, and now I have grown into two camps. (Genesis 32, 11)

  • 'What pledge shall I give you?' he asked. 'Your seal and cord and the staff you are holding,' she replied. He gave them to her and slept with her, and she conceived by him. (Genesis 38, 18)

  • But as she was being led off, she sent word to her father-in-law, 'It was the owner of these who made me pregnant. Please verify', she said, 'whose seal and cord and staff these are.' (Genesis 38, 25)

  • The sceptre shall not pass from Judah, nor the ruler's staff from between his feet, until tribute be brought him and the peoples render him obedience. (Genesis 49, 10)

  • Yahweh then said, 'What is that in your hand?' 'A staff,' he said. (Exodus 4, 2)

  • 'Throw it on the ground,' said Yahweh. Moses threw it on the ground; the staff turned into a snake and Moses recoiled from it. (Exodus 4, 3)

  • Yahweh then said to Moses, 'Reach out your hand and catch it by the tail.' He reached out his hand, caught it, and in his hand it turned back into a staff. (Exodus 4, 4)

  • And take this staff in your hand; with this you will perform the signs.' (Exodus 4, 17)

  • So Moses took his wife and his son and, putting them on a donkey, started back for Egypt; and Moses took the staff of God in his hand. (Exodus 4, 20)

  • 'If Pharaoh says to you, "Display some marvel," you must say to Aaron, "Take your staff and throw it down in front of Pharaoh, and let it turn into a serpent!" ' (Exodus 7, 9)

  • Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and did as Yahweh had ordered. Aaron threw down his staff in front of Pharaoh and his officials, and it turned into a serpent. (Exodus 7, 10)

  • Each threw his staff down and these turned into serpents. But Aaron's staff swallowed up theirs. (Exodus 7, 12)

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