Löydetty 110 Tulokset: wild

  • You will laugh at destruction and want; and have no fear of the wild animals. (Job 5, 22)

  • No more stones in your fields, the soil will serve you, and wild animals be at peace with you. (Job 5, 23)

  • Does a wild ass bray when it has fodder? Does an ox bellow when it has grass? (Job 6, 5)

  • So stupid men learn to be wise as wild donkeys become tame. (Job 11, 12)

  • Like wild asses in the wasteland, they look for food; the poor toil in the night, there is no food for their children! (Job 24, 5)

  • Wild beasts go back into their lairs and remain quietly in their dens. (Job 37, 8)

  • Who has given the wild ass his freedom, and loosed the bonds of the wild donkey? (Job 39, 5)

  • Is the wild ox willing to serve you, to pass the night by your manger? (Job 39, 9)

  • not knowing that a foot may step on them or some wild beast may crush them. (Job 39, 15)

  • The mountains give him their produce, as do all the wild beasts who play there. (Job 40, 20)

  • Rescue me from the jaws of the lion, my soul from the horns of the wild bull. (Psalms 22, 22)

  • He makes Lebanon skip like a calf, and Sirion like a young wild bull. (Psalms 29, 6)

“Que Nossa Mãe do Céu tenha piedade de nós e com um olhar maternal levante-nos, purifique-nos e eleve-nos a Deus.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina