Löydetty 1488 Tulokset: land

  • When they were about to finish devouring all the crops of the land, I said, "Yahweh, forgive! How shall Jacob survive, small as he is?" (Amos 7, 2)

  • This is what Yahweh showed me: he was calling for burning heat. It consumed the great deep and was consuming the land. (Amos 7, 4)

  • These are his very words: Jeroboam shall die by the sword and Israel shall be exiled from its land." (Amos 7, 11)

  • Amaziah then said to Amos, "Off with you, seer, go back to the land of Judah. Earn your bread there by prophesying. (Amos 7, 12)

  • This is what Yahweh says: Your wife shall be made a harlot in the city, your sons and daughters shall fall by the sword, your land shall be divided up and given to others, and you yourself shall die in a foreign land, for Israel shall be driven far from its land." (Amos 7, 17)

  • Hear this, you who trample on the needy to do away with the weak of the land. (Amos 8, 4)

  • Shall not the land tremble because of this, and all who dwell in it mourn, while it rises up and heaves like the Nile and settles back again like the river of Egypt? (Amos 8, 8)

  • Yahweh says, "Days are coming when I will send famine upon the land, not hunger for bread or thirst for water, but for hearing the word of Yahweh. (Amos 8, 11)

  • And now Yahweh says, "Are you Israelites more to me than the Ethiopians? Did I not bring Israel up from the land of Egypt as I brought the Philistines from Caphtor and Aram from Kir? (Amos 9, 7)

  • I shall plant them in their own country and they shall never again be rooted up from the land which I have given them," says Yahweh your God. (Amos 9, 15)

  • People from the Negeb will occupy Esau's mountains; those from the plains, the land of the Philistines; they will occupy Ephraim and Samaria, and Benjamin will possess Gilead. (Obadiah 1, 19)

  • And Jonah told them his story, "I am a Hebrew and I worship Yahweh, God of heaven who made the sea and the land..." (Jonah 1, 9)

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